Underage DUI

California holds a Zero Tolerance policy
for underage drinking

Because of their zero tolerance policy, California’s punishments for anyone under 21 caught driving under the influence, are some of the harshest out there. If a minor is caught driving with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.01% or more, he or she can be charged with a DUI.

Some of the potential penalties include:

  • First offenses – a driver’s license suspension for one year.
  • Multiple offenses – a driver’s license suspension for two or three years.
  • Under certain circumstances, judges may have your car impounded or sold at your expense.
  • A fine of $100 or more.
  • Three to five years of DUI probation.
  • Time in county jail.
  • DUI school
  • If your BAC is higher then 0.05%  you also risk being charged with a regular DUI on top of your underage DUI.
  • If you injured someone while driving intoxicated you may also face additional misdemeanor or felony charges.

picjumbo.com_HNCK2224Planning on college or applying for a job? Anyone convicted of an underage DUI will be obligated to report it on any college or career applications as well as applications for certain types of financial aid. While this doesn’t ensure that the applicant will be denied admission or employment, not reporting it can bring many more serious consequences.

As with all DUIs, underage DUIs must face two separate government actions: the DMV and the criminal court. The DMV is in charge of suspending or revoking the driver’s license, and the criminal court is responsible fining, determining jail time, and requiring the driver to take special classes. The DUI lawyers at California DUI.com  handle a large number of Underage DUI cases throughout California. Underage DUI arrests are more complicated than other types of DUI cases. With an underage DUI, it is very wise to  have the specific facts of your case reviewed by an experienced DUI attorney.